The Biggest Benefits of Renting an 21′ Bennington Azure

Are you dreaming about being out on the water this summer? Turn those dreams into a reality! Explore the Indian River Lagoon in Melbourne, FL with one of our high-quality boat rentals. 

Buying a boat is an expensive long-term commitment that requires a lot of ongoing maintenance. Renting a boat is an affordable way to enjoy the water as much as you want, without the massive undertaking.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled boat day with your family and friends, look no further than the Bennington Azure deck boat!

Deck Boats

Deck boats, like the Bennington Azure, are perfect for a family excursion. Deck boats are known to be safe, reliable, and versatile. 

Deck boats are also known to be easy to maneuver and steer. When you rent an Azure boat you can choose to drive it yourself or have one of our experienced and certified captains drive for you. Either way, you won’t be distracted by the speed or the turns and can expect a smooth ride along the water.

The Bennington Azure Boat

Deck boats are also known to be very spacious! Our Bennington boats are built to hold up to eight people comfortably. Perfect for a family outing or party with friends. 

Our Bennington boats also come in three different colors to match your own style. Choose between yellow, white, or blue. The yellow and blue boats cap out at 225 horsepower. The white Bennington Azure boat caps out at 150 horsepower. This means that you’ll have enough power to tow tubes and other items behind the boat without feeling the drag.

The layout of the Bennington boat is also ideal. No matter where you sit, you can be sure to see the beautiful views. You can also choose to catch some rays or find relief in the shade under the boat covering. 

Water Activities 

What’s a day on the water without activities? Another plus of renting a Bennington boat is the number of activities you can do besides cruise on the water. Feel free to rent tubes, knee-boards, wake-boards, and water skis for only $40 a day! 

Fishing is also convenient and fun on an Azure boat. If you’d like to fish, just let us know; you can bring your own poles or we’ll happily provide them for you. 


You can feel secure bringing your family, friends, and dogs onto a Bennington boat. We provide life jackets for every member on board. We also watch the radars closely and never let a boat out in rough water or bad weather. Better safe than sorry!

If you decide to drive your own boat, our experienced captains will go over all safety instructions before you cast off. You may have to take a boat safety course depending on your age. We’ll be happy to help you figure out whether you need a safety course, and you can check the article we’ve written here to see the exact requirements. You can also hire our captains to drive around for you!

Renting a Bennington Azure

We have the largest rental fleet in Florida and the most affordable prices. With our great location, you have access to parks, waterfront restaurants, islands, and sandbars to make the most of your boat day!

Experts say that being near water, or having a “blue mind”, is the key to happiness! We think so too.

Set out on a fun-filled adventure with your loved ones and rent a Bennington Azure today!

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