Paddle Board Rental Pricing



Single Rental- 1 Hour

Explore the Indian River Lagoon by kayak, paddle board, or both.



Single Rental- 2 Hours

Take your time spotting wildlife and sightseeing around 321.

Stand Up Paddle Board on the Indian River Lagoon with 321!

All our rentals are accompanied by the necessary advice to make the most of your trip. After being equipped with the basics (life jacket, paddle, board), we'll explain everything you need to know to get around easily and safely. Our tracking app will help you find your way, but we're happy to provide tips and advice on the best spots for wildlife watching, fishing, swimming, and more!

What Makes 321 the Best Paddle Board Rental in Melbourne, FL?

We're well-known for providing five-star service on the water, from ensuring that you're comfortable and well-equipped to helping you carry your belongings down the dock.

We work hard to keep our costs low without sacrificing quality. Our paddle boards are clean and well-maintained, and we've got plenty on hand whether your group is large or small. You can even mix and match paddle boards and kayaks on your booking to ensure that everyone is comfortable and having fun.

You'll be welcomed from the moment you arrive and we'll be happy to guide you every step of the way, from fitting your complimentary life jacket properly to helping you plan your paddling route to give you the best chance at spotting dolphins and other wildlife. We even have a tracking app that can guide you as you go, highlighting local restaurants, sand bars, and other points of interest. We've got it all covered!

Benefits of Stand Up Paddle: Explore from a New Perspective

Stand up paddle boarding offers a variety of benefits while you enjoy a fun and peaceful activity that's suitable for just about anyone, from adults to children. Paddle boarding reduces stress while burning calories, toning your arms and legs, and strengthening your abdominal muscles, which will improve your balance.

Paddle boards are a great way to enjoy the beauty of Florida's coasts and waterways while staying cool. You'll catch the breezes off the water and be able to jump in for a refreshing dip when you reach a safe spot for swimming.

Paddle boarding is a unique way to explore the Indian River Lagoon without the noise of a boat engine. You'll see a new side of the area's wildlife and waterways from a paddle board at a much lower cost than a boat rental. Now that's something to smile about!


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