Answers to Your Most Common Boat Rental Questions

Our normal in-office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, early or extended hours may be available upon request.

No. We will refuel the boat upon return, and you will only pay for what you used.

We accept only cash or credit card. If you decide to use a credit card for payment you will be charged a 4% “convenience” fee. PLEASE NOTE: if you use cash you are still required to have a major credit card with $800 on it for deposit requirements.

Yes! Although we have the largest rental fleet in Florida, without a reservation it is difficult to give you the best service possible. We encourage you to make a reservation even if you wish to boat that very day.

Absolutely. Repeat customers are the reason we created a flat-fee monthly boat club. Find more information about 321 Boat Club here.

We will provide life jackets for every member of your party (except any four-legged friends you choose to bring).

Yes, it is one of our major requirements. If you don't have boating experience, we'll make sure you know everything you need to before you set out.

By Florida law, anyone born on or after January 1, 1988, who operates a vessel powered by 10 horsepower or more must pass an approved boater safety course. You must have in your possession photographic identification and a boating safety education identification card issued by the FWC. Alternatively, you can get a temporary Florida boater education certificate online here at Boat Tests 101!

We will not send a boat out in bad weather. We are using different radar applications and a VHF in our office. If its a normal, short (15 minute) afternoon summer shower, we do not consider that “bad weather”. We will go over the maps and we will show you different shelters where you can stop.

Absolutely! We rent tubes, knee-boards, wake-boards, and water skis for $40 a day! No fishing poles though, you'll have to bring your own gear 

Unfortunately, for liability and insurance reasons, we cannot allow our renters to keep a boat overnight.

We bought out another boat company in 2005. The previous owner was in business for over twenty years and was very well established, with a great reputation. We have since expanded and run a 100% debt free operation.

Absolutely! We love dogs so much that we wrote an entire blog article filled with tips for boating with your four-legged friend

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