Step Up Your Wakeboard Game

Wakeboarding has been around for over 30 years

The water sport has its origins in snowboarding, water surfing and skiing. Fastened to a board and towed behind a motorboat that moves at speeds of approximately 30 miles per hour, the excitement is just unimaginable.

For starters, you can ride the water surface. Wakeboard pros can perform successful wakeboarding tricks behind the boat.

Wakeboarding now features many offshoots and styles such as wake-skating and knee-boarding. Although learning any new skill or sport is challenging, wakeboarding is a sport that you can pick up quicker than other water sports.

Here are a few things to know and implement to implement if you want to kick-start and step up your wakeboard game.

  1.    Start with a Short Rope

It is advisable to use a short rope as it lets you stand up more easily. The short rope also enables the wakeboarder to train in the narrower section of the wake. At this position, it is possible to hear any advice yelled by your instructor in the boat clearer.

On the other hand, longer ropes are ideal for advanced riders since length give them more speed and room for tricks. For beginners, use a rope 30 to 50 feet in length.

  1.    Tough on the Arms

Wakeboard is hard on your arms especially when you are a beginner. Within minutes of pulling the rope behind the boat, your arms will start to ache. After several moments, the arms may feel like they are going to fall off. That feeling is normal when learning and you will get used to it with more practice.

  1.    Avoid Pulling the Rope

It is normal for beginners to pull the rope for stability in the water. However, you should not do that. Wakeboarding is not meant for you to pull yourself up. Instead, let the boat pull you to your feet. Whenever you pull, your board’s nose will most likely dig into the water. Digging makes you fall flat on your face.

  1.    Weight Balancing

Whenever you are trying to stand up on your wakeboard, it is prudent to put approximately 60% of your total body weight on the front foot. Also, ensure that you stay close to the board. Standing straight up and straightening your legs is a sure way to fall flat on your face.

  1.    Maintain the Handle Low to your Hip

Every time you go for wakeboarding training, keep the handle low to your hip. Ensure the handle is kept low and close to your hip as possible. When you try to holding high and perpendicular to the water surface, you will fall. You can practice your handle grip on land before proceeding to the water.   

  1.    Look Straight Ahead

Never look down on your wakeboard bindings even though there is an urge to see your board skipping meticulously across the water. Looking straight ahead is wise. By looking on your feet, you will unconsciously place excessive pressure on the front foot making you fall.

  1.    Maintain the Back Binding Far Back

As a beginner, it is prudent to place your back binding far back near the end of the board. Align the binding at zero degrees. The alignment presses your weight directly on top of the rear fin.

On the other hand, slightly point the front binding around the front of your wakeboard.

  1.    Start with a Rental Board

It is wise to learn the basics of the sport before acquiring a wakeboard. Through the learning process, you will determine whether you are going to love the game or not. After learning the basics, do thorough market research to ensure that you buy the best wakeboard at the lowest price.

Avoid getting a board that’s two decades old. Technology advancement allows for the creation of modern sporting amenities. It is challenging to make quick progress when using an old board. If they prove to be costly, stick with rental boards until when you are ready.   

  1.    Surfing the Wake

Dig your heels in as you change the edge while simultaneously placing more weight on your back foot. If you want to create a big spray, carve out of the turn with force.

  1.    Practice makes Perfect

To perfect your game, you need to train regularly. Spend time in the water boating and wakeboarding. Don’t own a boat?

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