5 Water Sports to Try on the Indian River Lagoon

During the hot days of a Central Florida summer, everyone looks for a way to enjoy the outdoors while staying cool. There’s no better way to do this than to go out on the Indian River Lagoon and enjoy a day of water sports. While most people know about water sports such as water skiing, there are also some lesser known water sports to can be just as fun. Sometimes, those lesser known water sports can also include more of the family.

At 321 Boat Club, our 21-foot Azure ski boat can hold up to seven occupants and is the perfect boat for your water sports experience. Even if you’ve made the decision that a day out on the water is the perfect way to spend your summer afternoon, you may still be deciding what activities to take part in. These water sports are ideal for a hot Florida summer afternoon.

Water Skiing

One of the most popular water sports is water skiing. This is an activity where the participant is connected to a pair of skis and is towed across the water by a boat as they hold onto a rope. The speed of the boat allows the participant to glide across the top of the water on their skis. While standing up can be a struggle for novices, once you get the hang of it, it’s one of the most enjoyable water activities in which you can take part.


Another popular water sport is tubing. This is probably a better choice than water skiing for those with young families. While water skiing is a very fun activity, tubing can include the whole family. Unlike other water sports, where only one person participates at a time, two people can enjoy tubing at the same time. This means that parents can ride the tube with their young children allowing them to take part in the fun.


Wakeboarding is a little more adventurous than water skiing and is more for the thrill seeker. If water skiing may seem to be like snow skiing, wakeboarding is more like snowboarding. For this activity, the participant still holds onto a rope and generates the gliding ability by being towed by a boat, but they can then use the wake of the boat to perform jumps and tricks on their board.

Water skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding are fun activities and are widely popular. But there are also some water sports that you can take part in on the Indian River Lagoon that are not as well-known but just as fun.

Water Disking

Water disking is a lesser known sport that is similar to water skiing and wakeboarding. Like the previously mentioned sports, the participant is towed along the water by a boat, this time standing on a large circular disc. However, unlike in water skiing and wakeboarding, the participant is not attached to the board other than the fact that they are standing on it. While skiing and wakeboarding are as more about the jumps and tricks you can do using the wake of the boat, disking is more about the ability to keep your balance while standing on the board.


As its name suggests, skurfing is a combination of water skiing and surfing. The participant begins like the other sports as they are towed by a boat using a rope while standing on a surf board. However, once they gain enough speed, they release the rope and use the wake of the boat to surf along the water. Once they’ve released the rope, the skills necessary to complete the run are similar to surfing waves but instead of using waves, the skurfer launches off the wake of the boat to continue moving forward along the water.

There’s no better way to stay cool while enjoying the warm Florida weather than taking a boat out on the Indian River Lagoon. While there are many different activities you can take part in on the lagoon, water sports are some of the most popular. Whether you prefer water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, water disking, skurfing, or some other activity, 321 Boat Club has the right boat to help you enjoy your day on the water.