Spend the 4th of July on the Water

The Fourth of July holiday is the biggest celebration of the summer and, when you live in Florida, there is no better place to take part in it then on or near the water. Here at Indian River, we are truly blessed with having so many different types of water and beachfront areas to explore. The lagoon and the nearby Intercoastal Waterway boasts a ton of small islands that are ideal for riding right up to and securing your own beach, or there is all of the Atlantic Ocean to explore and enjoy. Best of all, no matter where you go on boat, there’s no one in front of you to disrupt your perfect view of the fireworks.

Of course, for every trip, no matter whether it’s the Fourth of July or the fourteenth of February, it’s good to practice smart boating tips. This means packing the essentials, making a trip itinerary, knowing who else will be aboard, and being safe. The following is a quick look at a few of these key aspects to ensure you have the best time this holiday while out on the water:

The Essentials of Spending Fourth of July on the Water

Make a Plan & Grab a Mapping App

While yes, there certainly is fun to be had in being spontaneous, one quick way to ruin a fun boating day out is to get your prop messed up in Florida muck or get a ticket for making waves in a Manatee Only zone. You also don’t want to be two hours from the dock only to find out you forgot the sunscreen and picnic supplies.

So before you even leave your house, download a boating app and chart where you want to go for fun during the day and, if you plan on staying out on water for the fireworks, where you want to be for best viewing. Know that you will see more people out on boats during this holiday than any other single day of the year. As such, it’s a good idea if you do plan on picnicking on one of the many islands in the area, to have a backup location or two in case your first choice is too crowded. In fact, if this is your first time boating in the area, or if you’re otherwise still new to boating and Indian River in general, then we suggest going out a few days before the holiday and scouting out spots to drop anchor or zip down with tubes.

Make sure everyone in your group understands what the plan is, including what meals or snacks you’ll have out on the water, what they should bring, and how long they should prepare to be out on the water and away from shore. Having everyone on the same page will ensure that everyone grabs what they need to have an enjoyable, carefree day navigating Florida waterways and shores.

Be Responsible

We know that Fourth of July is a time that many enjoy kicking back and enjoying a beer. But it is important for the operator of your boat to stay sober. Not only is drinking and operating a watercraft dangerous, it’s also illegal. Likewise, make sure that the captain is not dangerously distracted while he or she is navigating the waterways. There are going to be a lot of boaters, many inexperienced, out on the holidays and so it’s best to stay extra alert on the surroundings.

If you plan on being out until sunset or later, make sure to do an extra check of all running and anchor lights. When underway, don’t let kids or adults play with flashlights on the boat as this can be easily misinterpreted by other boaters. Sudden bright lights like that can also negatively impact night vision. Instead, use handheld VHF radios or cell phones to communicate with anyone not on your boat.

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