Tips for Summer Boating

What better way to enjoy a summer afternoon than engaging in some boating activities?

Luckily, Florida is the perfect locale for these activities given its water bodies and its proximity to the ocean.  Let’s say you’ve already planned on renting a boat. What activities are ideal for a remarkable summer boating experience?

Just cruise for fun

Florida arguably has unique cruising grounds especially being home to the second longest coastline in the U.S.  Explore the various lakes, islands, and brackish marshlands by taking a cruise. Besides the various sights you might come across, you can collect shells, souvenirs, and starfish while you create unforgettable memories with family or friends. Add to the fun by engaging in cruise races. Carry food and drinks and enjoy it while boating.

Go fishing

Good old fishing is a perfect opportunity to bond with family and friends. Florida has a vast number of fish species which include; bluefish, barracuda, hardhead catfish, red drum, hogfish, to mention but a few. Try your hand in fishing this summer. It’s also a perfect time to teach the young ones while bonding.

Choose kayaking

Ever dreamt of exploring the parts of the rivers that cannot be accessed by a powerboat? Apart from giving you sufficient time to take in the sights that might have gone unnoticed, a kayak can access shallow and inaccessible areas. Besides, you will be exercising your body and improving your endurance as you paddle along.

Boat camping

Are you a little more adventurous and have a deep love for water? Try out boat camping. This is not as common as land camping, but it is more or less the same. Rent a boat that has amenities such as a toilet, a sitting area that will double up as a sleeping area, and a galley. You can either decide to sleep on the water or pull up on a deserted shore and set up your camp there.

Try power boating

Powerboats provide an exhilarating experience. Create unforgettable memories with friends or family as you ride out huge waves of open water to your favorite destination this summer.

Safety precautions you should observe while boating

Nothing would ruin boating fun than an accident especially if it could have been avoided. Observe the following to reduce chances of boating accidents.

Always wear life jackets

Ensure that you are supplied with properly filling life jackets or personal floatation device for everyone on board. Most cases of drowning occur because the victims did not wear these. Remember that in case of an accident you might not have sufficient time to wear it.

Do not drink and operate a boat

While boating may seem like the perfect time to enjoy a few drinks with friends and family, alcohol will impair the sailor’s judgment and coordination. As such, always ride while sober to reduce the probability of an accident.

Check the weather forecast before heading out

Florida is notorious for summer storms. Be advised of any weather changes before you head out. While in the water, be on the lookout for strong winds, clouds, and changes in the temperature. Should any of these happen, return to the shore.

Ensure that the boat has all the necessary equipment

These may include:-

  • Fire extinguisher
  • A boat radio
  • Whistle
  • First aid kit
  • Floatation devices,  among others

Practice how each of this equipment should be used before you set out.

Supervise children

In most cases, children are quite unaware of the dangers that water pose and are, therefore, more prone to accidents. Constantly keep an eye on them when you are out on the water.

Join Florida’s premier boat club this summer

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