Safe Summer Fun Means Children Wearing Life Jackets

Talking about water safety isn’t an attempt to be a buzz-kill, rather an effort to help ensure that your water fun remains that – fun. A report from a few years ago cited that 85% of drowning victims were not wearing life jackets, that’s a big number. Watching the kids is a full-time job, these statistics only add to the importance of that job when you are out on the water.

Kids Will be Kids

How many times as a parent have you said, “don’t do that, don’t touch that, no, leave your sister/brother alone…?” That is an endless list, right? That is primarily because kids will be kids, and that is a big red flag when thinking about water safety and life jackets. They won’t want to wear a life jacket, they will forget to put it on, they will wear it improperly and have another million causes to give you concern. This is the joy of parenting, but life jackets and water safety is never optional.

Teaching our children about the need to wear life jackets and being a role model by wearing them yourself are steps that will help enforce this lesson. Our older children and especially those who are good swimmers will often offer the most resistance to wearing a life jacket.

Swimming Skill is No Substitute

It is quite common for children to overestimate their abilities, as many are still learning about their bodies and limits. As parents, you want to encourage this level of confidence yet teach them to balance that with safety. Teaching our children that it is good to learn how to swim, and encouraging them to become proficient swimmers should be intertwined with understanding water safety.

Wearing a life jacket tells children it is still important to prioritize safety even when they are skilled at a particular activity. This is an example of when wearing a life jacket ourselves can speak loudly and clearly to our children.

More Than Protection

The reasons for practicing water safety are many and well known, and the role life jackets play in those safety practices is well documented. There are other reasons aside from the physical protection and safeguards against drowning offered by life jackets, however, such as peace of mind. Every little thing a parent can do to keep their child safe is another comfort to combat worry. Children are more prone to panic, and a life jacket can be that one safeguard that buys enough time for rescue. Just knowing that this extra layer of protection is in place is comforting.

The real question is this, is there anything we wouldn’t do to keep our kids safe? Life jackets are merely part of that equation.

Summer Sun and Water Fun Call – So Does Safety

As fun in the sun calls and more water activities are begging to entertained, so the need for wearing life jackets also begs to be considered. Go ahead and book that pontoon rental for your next family outing, 321 Boat Club will provide the means and you can focus on fun and keeping your family safe. Every day closer to the inviting Florida spring season brings the anticipation of long warm days, boating and swimming until dusk.

The right boat rental, a family ready for a season of fun and the right safety practices is a recipe for an exciting, and safe summer season. Make life jackets part of your water safety practice, and make this summer one to remember. Maybe a day out on a fishing boat, riding the waves with a ski boat or a party boat is on the agenda, the 321 Boat Club has you covered with the largest selection of boats in the state.

Preventing the unthinkable and taking every step to keep your family and your children safe is what parent’s do. Life jackets only help mom and dad to make certain that little Sally the swimmer and Donny the amazing seven year old high-diver can be all they want to be, and do so safely. No matter what your summer plans hold or where your water adventures take you, take the time and effort to be sure your children are protected and that this summer is all about what it is supposed to be about – safe family summer fun.