Top Tips for Winter Boating

We’ve all felt the chill in the air and are happy it’s finally here! After a long, hot fall that poured into winter, it’s about time for some cooler temperatures. While it feels nice on land, it may not be so pleasant for those getting their New Year boating trips in. To get you prepared, here are some tips for making winter boating the best boating!

  • Bring a jacket – Cooler temperatures mean that you’ll find comfort in having that water-proof jacket in your bag. When the temperature drops down below 68 degrees a jacket will be just the thing you need to stay cozy when boating this January.
  • Switch up your fishing tactics – Winter weather means cooler water. Fish tend to swim closer to the bottom of the lagoon, so you’ll need to use more weight and rely on live bait. While you may not be productive in your summer honey-hole you’ll be able to find somewhere to drop a line.
  • Watch out for wind – The great part about having a 321 Boat Club Membership is having the flexibility to go out and come in whenever you want. In the winter, storms tend to roll in fast and leave in a hurry. Don’t forget to check the weather before you call to reserve your boat. If you’re caught in the wind, make sure you’re ready. Careful and safe boating is very important for the safety of your passengers. Take it slow and watch out for fellow boaters.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen – Yes, the weather may be cooler, but the risk of sunburn is always high here in the Sunshine State. Just because you’re bundling up in long pants and jackets to enjoy your boat ride, doesn’t mean you should forgo a smear of sunscreen.
  • Look out for wild life – With the Florida Manatee no longer considered endangered, you can expect to see a lot of these critters making their migration during the cooler winter season. Be on the look out and follow posted signs.

Boating in the Florida winters is one of the main reasons to have a 321 Boat Club Membership. With beautiful weather all year long, you can enjoy the Indian River Lagoon whenever you want, and your boat is only a phone call away. If you need more tips on how to get the most out of the winter boating season, give us a call at 321 Boat Club. We can’t wait to see you!