Pontoon or Party: Choosing The Right Boat for Your Lagoon Adventure

When you’re the member of a boat club, you get the best of all worlds. You’re not locked down on one style of boat to have extreme lagoon adventures on. If you want to go fishing one weekend, our fleet is equipped with boats ideal for fishing. Thinking about inviting a few more friends and family out the next weekend? You can go ahead and reserve a pontoon boat and get the party started. Here is your definitive guide to choosing the right boat from our fleet to accommodate your every boating whim.

Deck Boats – Deck boats are perfect for small, family outings. They include a shade cover for lounging, and an expansive deck for sun bathing and fishing if the mood should strike. We have 12 in our fleet ranging from 19 to 25 feet.

Party Boats – As the name implies, party boats accommodate a party. You can fit all of your closest friends and their plus ones on this boat. They come complete with a shade cover and the promise of a good time. We have two party boats in our fleet, a 21’ and a 25-foot Hurricane Fun Deck that each hold between 9 and 12 people.

Pontoons – Pontoon boats are also great for a party but ideal for kids and lots of equipment, like tubes and coolers. They have a front deck where your children will enjoy jumping off into the cool lagoon. We have three pontoons in our fleet ranging from 20 to 25 feet.

Fishing Boats – If fishing is on the agenda what better boat to reserve than a bona-fide fishing boat? We have three fishing boats on hand and they’re perfect for getting on those Snook and Tarpon so you can return to the dock with dinner in hand.

Ski Boats – Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at water skiing or wakeboarding this weekend. You better book quick because we’ve only got one on hand right now, but this 21’ beauty will get certainly get you moving on the Indian River.

At 321 Boat club, we have boats for every occasion. Take advantage of your membership and give each one a spin, to see which is your favorite. Don’t forget to make your reservations today, and have a great weekend!