Meet 321’s Neighbors: the West Indian Manatee

Hey there, water enthusiasts and wildlife lovers! Have you ever been cruising along the Indian River Lagoon and spotted a curious, slow-moving creature casually munching on seagrass? Chances are, you’ve encountered one of the lagoon’s most iconic residents: the West Indian Manatee.

At 321 Boat, we’re lucky to operate our boat rental service in Melbourne, Florida, a paradise that is home to this incredible species. Ready to learn about these “sea cows” and how to get up close with them responsibly? You’re in the right place!

What is a West Indian Manatee?

Let’s start with some Manatee 101. The West Indian Manatee, also known as Trichechus manatus, is a large aquatic mammal known for its docile temperament and curiosity. They’re usually grey or brown and have a paddle-shaped tail. Adult manatees can weigh up to 1,200 pounds and stretch up to 13 feet in length!

Where to Find Them in the Indian River Lagoon

Our boat rental location is perfectly situated on the Indian River Lagoon, one of the best places in Melbourne, Florida, to spot manatees. They enjoy swimming in these shallow, brackish waters, which offer a buffet of their favorite meals, including seagrass and other aquatic plants. Sometimes you can even see them coming ashore to snack on grass near the banks. And guess what? The location of 321 Boat offers a front-row seat to these incredible displays!

What Do Manatees Eat?

Manatees are vegetarians, primarily feeding on seagrass, algae, and even some freshwater plants. They consume about 10% of their body weight daily, which is a lot of greens for a creature that size! Naturally, that means they devote a large amount of their waking time to grazing to sate their enormous appetite. As you explore the Indian River Lagoon on one of our rental boats, you’ll often spot manatees indulging in a seagrass buffet, a fascinating natural behavior you wouldn’t want to miss.

Manatee Manners: A Guide to Responsible Viewing

While these gentle giants are a sight to behold, it’s crucial to interact with them responsibly to protect both them and their habitat. Remember, we’re the visitors in their home! At 321 Boat, we offer briefings on ethical wildlife viewing to ensure that you can enjoy the spectacle without causing any harm.

  • Keep a Safe Distance: Always stay at least 50 feet away from manatees.
  • Never Feed Them: It might be tempting, but human food is not suitable for manatees and can cause health problems.
  • Observe, Don’t Touch: As friendly as they seem, physical contact can be stressful for the manatees.

Why Rent a Boat from 321 Boat to See Manatees?

You might be wondering why you should choose 321 Boat to embark on your manatee-viewing adventure. Well, aside from our prime location on the Indian River Lagoon, we’re committed to responsible tourism and eco-friendly boating practices.

Our boats are well-maintained and equipped with safety measures to ensure both you and the surrounding wildlife are protected. Plus, our knowledgeable team is always happy to provide tips and information about manatees, making your trip not just enjoyable but also educational.

In Summary…

The West Indian Manatee is one of Melbourne, Florida’s most treasured residents, and at 321 Boat, we’re thrilled to offer you the chance to meet them up close—ethically and safely, of course.

So, ready for an unforgettable boating experience in the Indian River Lagoon? Let’s make it happen! Contact us today to book your boat rental and explore the natural wonders that our beautiful location has to offer.

See you soon on the water! 🚤🌊🌿

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