Beginner Kayaking Tips: Enjoying Your First Kayak Adventure with 321

Any new sport or hobby can prove challenging, not only because of the learning curve but also because it can get frustrating. So your first time on the water is easier and more fun. For a first-time kayaker, here are some beginner kayaking tips to know.

Top Beginner Kayaking Tips

There are some key kayaking tips you should take into account before paddling off the water’s edge, whether you’re entering a swift-moving rapid or paddling through a calm, quiet lake.

Take Kayak Lessons (or, just a class)

First of all, take a kayaking lesson. Some people may not think they need one. Kayaking doesn’t seem that difficult, right?

It is worth taking a kayaking class if you have the opportunity. It’s a chance to practice and work on paddling in the right direction – which will save a ton of time when done properly. You’ll also learn important safety tips when you take a lesson.

Get The Right Kayak

There are so many different types of kayaks – from long lake kayaks to small freestyle playboats.

When learning to kayak, you should use one that fits the type of water in which you will be paddling. In this case, you’ll need flatwater boats if you’re paddling on a lake.

For beginners, sit-on-top kayaks appeal because of their ease of maneuverability and stability. If you’re trying to paddle a river, you may want a small river runner.

Renting kayaks is a great way to test different boats on different bodies of water.

Dress For The Water Instead Of The Weather

Shirts and shorts may seem appealing on such a hot day. The water may be ice cold, however. When kayaking, you want to dress appropriately.

Wear clothing that is suitable for the water temperature, not the air temperature. The wetsuit and kayaking gloves, as well as a waterproof poncho, will come in handy if you fall in (which isn’t impossible).

Investing in the right clothing for kayaking will save a lot of frustration if accidents, like capsizing, happen.

Wear A Safety Buoyancy Aid

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kayaker, wearing a buoyancy aid is a necessity.

Unlike life jackets, buoyancy aids allow more freedom of movement around the arms and neck. For this reason, they are better suited to kayaking. No matter how strong you are, you never know when you might find yourself in trouble in the water.

Although kayak schools will always provide buoyancy aids, you should buy your own or rent one from a nearby watersports center.

Bring Extra Clothes in Waterproof Cases

It sounds too simple, but many people forget to bring extra clothes on their first kayak trip.

Yes, wetsuits are the right attire for paddling around in the boat. But keep all items, like clothes, you don’t want wet in waterproof cases. They’ll come in handy later, especially if things get a little wet!

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