4 Reasons to Try Tubing the Next Time You Go Boating

Now that spring is arriving, and even more people are heading back out on the water, many will head straight for more complex water sports, like water-skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding. But there’s another water sport you can enjoy that’s not as technical, that anyone can do well enough to enjoy, and that’s just as fun: tubing.

1. Tubing Is More Relaxing (and Less Work) Than Other Water Sports

While water-skiing and wakeboarding are both extremely fun, they take concentration and a special skill set to do well. For some people, this might take away from the enjoyment of being on the water, especially if you find yourself taking longer to get comfortable enough to really do an activity correctly. Tubing behind a boat is very similar to both water-skiing and wakeboarding, but without the stressful parts.

Other water sports require agility, balance, and strength just to get started, and it may take years to become proficient, but that’s not true of tubing. The only requirement for successful water tubing is to hang on tight to the handles. As long as you don’t let go of the tube, you don’t have to worry about falling off or your ride ending early. Even if the tube flips over, you can continue safely, as long as you’re still hanging on to the tube! If you do fall off, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll show you how to safely and easily circle the boat around to pick up a tuber who’s lost their grip.

2. It’s Fun for All Ages and Skill Levels

Another disadvantage to other water sports is that they are limited to older children and adults due to the need to pay attention, perform specific tasks, and keep safety in mind. Whether it’s because of the size of the equipment or the speed required of the boat, smaller children are unable to participate in these activities safely and easily, which can make it less of a family activity. As long as an adult accompanies them, small children can partake in water tubing; there are no restrictions on size or the speed of the boat.

The tube is buoyant enough to sit on top of the water whether it’s moving or not, so the boat can travel at any speed, and small children won’t feel nervous bobbing around in the water. There are also large water tubes that can carry groups of adults or kids to enjoy the ride together. This is ideal for those with small children because there won’t be any tears while one child waits for their turn with mom or dad on the tube.

3. Tubing is Great Exercise

In addition to being fun, water tubing also gives participants quite a workout. Tubing is a great way to improve your grip strength, abdominal strength, and coordination as you hold onto the tube. Even falling off the tube gives you a chance to exercise while you momentarily tread water waiting for the boat to circle back to you. In a sport such as water-skiing, you are connected to skis that are weighing you down; this makes treading water remarkably more difficult and awkward. By contrast, when tubing you only fall off once you let go of the tube, leaving you unimpeded and wearing your life jacket, ready to tread water and wait or swim back to the tube or boat, which is also great exercise.

4. It’s a Great Bonding Activity

With the water and the breezes warming up, one of the best things about spring is the ability to go out and enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. Whether you’re on the boat spotting or driving, or cruising along on the tube, you’ll be able to soak up the sun while spending quality time with your loved ones. Even your four-legged friends can be taught to ride on a tube with you if they’re well-trained and calm on the water.

Since tubing is easy for just about anyone, no one will be left behind with this particular activity either, making it great for every member of your group from youngest to oldest. Even the most timid participant will enjoy tubing with no fear if you start the boat moving very slowly in calm waters… it’s like a leisurely river cruise closer to the water with the occasional splash! For the thrill seekers in your group, rougher waters and faster maneuvers will have even the adrenaline junkies screaming with laughter. Tubing can be adapted to anyone’s preferences, and our dock crew at 321 is happy to explain how.

Ready to Go Tubing?

Now that you know how awesome your next day on the boat will be with the addition of a tube from 321 Boat, let’s get it booked!

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