321 Boat has finally moved to our long-term home!

321 has another big announcement to make! The Telemar Bay Marina has been a wonderful temporary home while we improved this new location, but there just wasn’t quite enough space for us there long-term… so we’re moving yet again to serve you better! This is a big change for 321 because we’ll have an entire marina all to ourselves for the first time ever! We’ll be spending many years growing and improving at this marina. That means a lot of positive changes for us and for you as a customer. Read on to learn more about the benefits this move will bring for 321 and for our clients and club members.

Great Location

First off, if you’re a long-time customer, you might be concerned that we’re moving away from you… no need to worry! The new location is just a 7 minute drive from our old location, but we’ve been amazed by the differences in our new location. We still have the same great access to the Indian River Lagoon, but in the time we’ve been fixing up the new marina, we’ve seen way more wildlife on the protected creek than we did at the old location. We’re enjoying constant dolphin and manatee visitors and the crew of resident herons and wading birds that supervise all dock activities. The new location is also in a developing area of Melbourne where new restaurants and businesses are constantly springing up, and we’re excited to have a foothold in this up-and-coming spot.

More Space and Flexibility

We’ll have more space to store our boats, which has been a big issue because we already have the biggest fleet in Central Florida! obviously, being in a secure location with plenty of space is important. We want to offer a lot of different options and our bookings have been too full to allow us to do that lately. With more space and more flexibility in our fleet, it will be easier to continue updating our boats. It’s been a labor of love adding bluetooth sound systems to all the boats at our current location doe to access issues!

Easier Access

We’ll have a lot more control over your experience at 321. We love making customers happy and making it easy for you to just pull up in front of the dock to load up your boat. At our Telemar Bay location, limited parking and a big wall between the parking lot and the water made that difficult. We also want to make it much easier for first-time visitors to 321 to find the office than it was at the old location.

Speaking of minor inconveniences at our old location, it was definitely frustrating for all of us when other resident boaters in the marina were often using the only available bathroom! Rest assured that at our new location, you won’t have to stake your claim to restroom facilities.

New Ways to Have Fun at 321

Clients have been asking us for a long time to offer more rental options; we get too many requests for paddle boards and kayaks to count! At our old location, we simply didn’t have the space to expand our equipment offerings. At our new marina, space is abundant, and we plan to use it to improve your experience by adding sporting equipment like kayaks and paddle boards to our rental options in the near future. 

We’re so excited to see you at our new location and serve you even better than we did before. Come check out our beautiful new location at 1101 N Harbor City Blvd! We’re going to get started at our new location right away, so if you’d like to come boat with us, we’re ready for your reservation!

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